Bret Baier interviewed Brit Hume about Andrew McCabe’s dismissal on Friday and just like his timeline, Brit stuck with the facts.

We know, so boring.



Fair point.

If the dismissal was rushed wouldn’t McCabe have been fired the moment the FBI disciplinary committee suggested he be let go?

But Russia! Wait, no. But Trump! Wait, that doesn’t work either.

Time to blame Bush?

Because everything has to be dramatic otherwise it’s not news.

Every day feels more and more like we’re all trapped in a really bad reality television series and that any moment Trump is going to tell us we’re all fired.

Or that we’re supposed to believe that Trump fired him to play politics.

They’re Democrats, really?

Jamie Weinstein brings up a few interesting counterpoints here:

True, but …

But was it rushed?

Therein seems to be the debate.

Would appear so.

And there it is. We’re so wrapped up in the details around McCabe being fired that we seem to be missing the discussion on what he actually DID to get fired.

Should be interesting when we get a gander at the full report later this spring.


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