Since California is such a BEACON of economic security and success we should totally listen to Senator Kamala Harris babbling about making college free, right?



Sorry, we cracked ourselves up.

In fact, we should ALWAYS do the exact opposite of what CA legislators like Kamala Harris suggest we do.

Yeah, no.

What he said.

The country, in general, can’t afford this. We are, as she so eloquently stated, broke AF.

Democrats like Kamala don’t understand that the government doesn’t actually make money, and for them to be able to give something to one person they must first take it from another. Or she does understand this and thinks her base is too dumb to get it so she doesn’t really care.

Probably the latter.

She’ll just raise our taxes, again.


Harsh but true.

Oh YEAH, there is a program through the government that pays for college without student loans, the GI Bill.

When do her ‘constituents’ sign up?


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