NARAL is super fussy that Crisis Pregnancy Clinics are giving women who are afraid and pregnant other options than abortion.

The nerve of people who value life trying to help these women who are in crisis to make a good decision for themselves and their unborn child.

History will not look kindly on NARAL:

Bold signs.

Because wow, pro-life peeps are so intimidated by a bunch of hyenas holding up posters covered in glitter glue with slogans like #EndTheLies on them.

Ooooh skeery.

Fake, anti-choice clinics. EL OH EL.

Funny how this account accuses Crisis Pregnancy Clinics of being fake and then in the same tweet calls abortion medical care.

These people.


We so adore Obianuju.

Hey you know what, NARAL is right … we should #EndTheLies:


They give women real support and offer other options.


Somewhere along the line, the Left tied women’s rights to abortion (which is despicable) so far too many ‘women’ miss the real issue that life is precious and get defensive because they think we’re trying to TAKE THEIR RIGHTS.

We know, it’s dumb.

But so is abortion.


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