‘Yay! We were totally waiting for the New York Times to try shaming everyone for enjoying a good burger,’ said literally no one ever. C’mon NYT, don’t you have some sort of white privilege or trans-curious opinion piece to focus on?

Leave our burgers ALONE.

From The NYT:

Wouldn’t it make more sense to put a carbon tax on fossil fuel, a larger source of greenhouse gas emissions? You bet. But many people who now commute in conventional gas-fueled automobiles have no better way to get home — or to heat their homes when they get there. That broader carbon tax will require dramatically restructuring our lives. A carbon tax on beef, on the other hand, would be a relatively simple test case for such taxes and, according to the French study, only a little painful, at least at the household level: While people would tend to skip the beef bourguignon, they could substitute other meats, like pork and chicken, that have a much smaller climate change footprint.

Charles C.W. Cooke said it best:

Not at all.

Won’t someone think of the TREES?!


Yeah, thanks but we’re good too.

Only if you’re eating a burger apparently.

Huh, same here.


Or something.

We of course have no idea what they’re trying to do here but raising taxes seems like their M-O.

Ok, now we need a burger for lunch.

Thanks NYT!


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