When will Ben Rhodes finally figure out his fifteen minutes ran out nearly two years ago? Maybe someone close to him should reach out and just finally tell him that he’s not doing himself or Obama any favors when he makes comments about the Trump administration because almost EVERYTHING he says can be said of Obama as well.

Take for example:

Oh, boy.

Where do we even start with this one? Perhaps simply pointing out that corrupt Democrats hanging out in corrupt glass houses of a demagogue shouldn’t throw corrupt stones. C’mon man, no one is this un-self-aware. He had to know the Right would hit him (and Obama) right in the danglies over this one.

See, Ed even said please.

Stop trying to figure out what does and doesn’t offend the Left, we’ll be here all day.

And sadly it appears Ben has the gall to spare.

Notice, Hillary lost?

Adorbs, right?

Eight years working with Obama and he still doesn’t get it.

Not that we’re all that surprised.

Priceless indeed.


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