Seems Senior News Editor of Engadget, Richard Lawler, went out of his way to pick a fight with NRA spokesman (and all around badass), Colion Noir. Why is it these conversations always seem to go the same way where they shame Colion for his skin color and pretend his beliefs can’t be his own based on their own sad ignorance and prejudice?

It must get so OLD.

For example …

Dick doesn’t think Colion can think for himself.

Dick thinks the only reason Colion is an NRA spokesman is because they pay him.

Don’t be Dick.

Clearly Dick isn’t interested in an intelligent talk, otherwise, his first tweet wouldn’t have been about getting paid off by the NRA.

He might as well have called him a token.

Oh, wait, Kim did that.

And said a bunch of other horrible crap she should be ashamed of saying, but we all know she won’t be.

Sorry Colion, no matter how many times you ask trolls like Kim here to have an intelligent conversation you’re not going to get one. ‘She’ isn’t interested in having a conversation, she just wants to shame you for straying from what she thinks you should believe and who you should be.

Wow, Dick showed him.

Oh, wait, no he didn’t.

We all knew what he was trying to say and didn’t have the cojones to say in the first place.

Which makes him the snowflake here but we digress.

Yes, he’s clearly the sensitive one here. *eye roll*

Bye Felicia.


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