A couple of weeks ago we wrote about lesser-known comedian Christopher Titus for posting a disgusting and faked ‘snuff’ image of Dana Loesch (which he eventually deleted but too little too late), and honestly after he got his little bump from being a disgusting troll from that we thought he’d wander back off into being nobody again.

But oh no.

He decided to throw his hat into the derp circle with this winner:

Hey Chris, can we call you Chris? Great. Chris, let us know when they ban abortion after 20 weeks like they’ve banned machines guns and then pass 22 THOUSAND laws regulating the procedure like they have firearms in general, then we’ll talk.

Until then, stifle.

We’re pretty sure it has something to do with being a Lefty.

No argument.

We’re not convinced he knows much about … much.

And no license? Rock on!

He might want to take a gander at this tweet:


Pretty sure he didn’t think this through.

Sounds good to us.


Christopher. Your tweet is bad and you should feel bad. Seriously.

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