If you’d have told us Stephen King aka the Master of Horror, would be such a simpering, sad little man about politics in general on Twitter we would never have believed you. No way the guy who created characters like Jack Torrance and Nick Andros would write uninformed, sad tweets like some mopey high school girl fixated on her ex-boyfriend, right?


Case in point.

Trump is more and more like a dictator of a South American country in the 50’s.


Except if this were true, King would have been locked up and probably executed months ago over the tweets he’s written about this so-called evil dictator but whatevs.


Scary indeed. If you look through the thread you will see a bunch of people posting images of Dictator Trump, which is hilarious because again, they could never be able to do that if this was even remotely true.

Dictatorships don’t typically allow the ability to talk sh*t about their leaders.

Let’s not pretend King actually understands what he’s tweeting about here. He had an image of Trump in his little mind and he went with it, never once actually considering the horrors people have faced living under dictators.

Thinking your president is a boob doesn’t make him a dictator, Stephen.

But Trump.


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