Have we mentioned lately how glad we are that Dennis Miller finally decided to get his arse back on Twitter and started tweeting again?

We so missed him.


But sadly, true.


There really are no words to describe how despicable this situation is if these officers did indeed stand down while a monster walked the halls of that high school mowing down innocent kids. It was their JOB to serve and protect, and they did NEITHER.

Didn’t you hear? Sheriff Israel said he gave the officer his badge and his gun, but it’s not his fault the officer didn’t act.

Some leader.

Fife might have been a complete dork, but if he was needed, he was there.

Israel could learn a thing or FIVE from Fife.

He just plays a cop on television when it’s convenient to pander and talk politics at a Town Hall on CNN.

Apple Dumpling Gang!


But you know, we should totally blame the NRA.

*eye roll*


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