Delta’s PR was less than stellar (aka a serious crap show) over the weekend, with them openly disrespecting millions of NRA members (and legal gun owners) by catering to the social media mob PLUS very publicly refusing to upgrade the American men’s curling team who had just won gold at the 2018 Olympics.

As we reported (and joked earlier), Delta really stepped in it with the timing of these two events; seriously, we’re not entirely sure they could come off much worse even if they tried. And please spare us the ‘maybe there was just no seats’ BS, we know these airlines can and do make adjustments to cater to certain individuals.

And Brit Hume was right there with the old one-two, and it was a PERFECT blend of snark at Delta over the NRA and the Olympians:

Because we all know how Delta feels about the NRA.

This makes us wonder how they feel about Olympians.


To be honest, we’re not entirely sure Brit ever really stops winning Twitter.

But this was pretty damn good.

The Left is doing to the NRA what it always does to those they politically disagree with, dehumanizing, vilifying and then ultimately punishing them.

You’d think? Or at least a serious talking to.


But funny!


‘There’s 2 eff-ups today’: Is Delta’s PR team TRYING to come off as Un-American douche-rockets or WHAT?