RIGHT after Delta announced it would be crapping on NRA members over a shooting it had nothing to do with because some ‘student journalist activist’ targeted them on Twitter, this exchange with the USA Curling team took place:

HELL YEAH! You made America proud! USA! USA! USA!

Surely Delta would do everything possible to make sure athletes who took home the gold for the United States of America would be upgraded for the long flight home, right?


Guess not.

You’ve gotta be sh*ttin’ us.

The day was young.

Seriously, it’s like Delta’s PR-team WANTED to make themselves look bad … we can see the conversation now:

‘Hey Bob, what can we do to make ourselves look like giant douche-rockets?’
‘Hey Mike, I’ve got a great idea, we’ll treat legal gun owners like garbage AND deny the USA curling team who won gold, upgrades!’
‘Wow Bob, that REALLY sucks, make it so!’

These people.

Nothing but the BEST!

Looks pretty bad.


But they were friendly about turning them down and stuff …



It could happen.

Weak. Sauce.


‘Nuff said.


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