David Hogg is a seemingly young man who has spent 10 days now very vocally blaming the NRA for a shooting it had absolutely nothing to do with. He spent the larger portion of this past week working overtime threatening companies that have (had) relationships with the NRA offering various benefits to its members because you know, legal gun owners who would have run into the building to save his classmates shouldn’t get discounts from Enterprise.

Because of justice or something.

And while all of that is extremely annoying in its OWN right, to then go on talk shows and defend the very officer(s) who literally hid from the gunman while his classmates were killed? INFURIATING.

From The Hill:

“He — just like every other police officer out there at heart — is a good person. He didn’t take action in this event, and I can’t explain why … there are no words to explain why he wouldn’t take action to take out this individual, but I think it’s a good example of if he didn’t take action and four others didn’t, I mean, who does?” student David Hogg said in an interview on MSNBC.

David, you know who does? Police officers because that’s THEIR JOB.

Not even a ‘kid.’

Shapiro WAS nice to this kid, most of us have been. But this was too much, even for the most patient of legal gun owners.

Spend over a week blaming and attacking the NRA, then sit on a talk show and defend the officer who all but let kids die?!


Basically, all we can gather from David’s defense of these cowards is that he is more focused on his narrative than he is on finding out what happened and in turn looking at how this can perhaps help in stopping more shootings. Desperate to stick to his ‘THE NRA IS EVIL’ narrative while ignoring the very real failure of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department.

But what can we say, he’s just a kid.



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