Stephen King is fixated on the NRA.

In his bizarre mind, he’s made them into some sort of monster he thinks can be defeated with a slingshot by a bunch of kids hanging out in the woods. It’s like he doesn’t really understand what or who the NRA is. If he spent more time researching the organization and less time vilifying and blaming them for something they had nothing to do with he’d get a lot further in this argument.

Like his assumption about what ‘NRA sweethearts’ are saying about Stoneman Douglas:

Give us a break, Stephen,


When people get tunnel vision and only want to blame innocent people (like gun-grabbers tend to do), the entire conversation stops because those who support the Second Amendment are not interested in being punished for something they had nothing to do with. Until the gun-control crowd comes to the table with something real, nothing will ever get done about gun violence.

And they’ll just go on blaming the NRA.


Not a damn thing.

That and as the facts come out about how Sheriff Israel dropped the ball and that the FBI screwed the pooch, it’s getting harder and harder to blame the innocent members of the NRA.

But somehow Stephen keeps on keepin’ on.

What a sweetheart.


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