If you want to see some of the ugliest and most hateful people in social media, all you have to do is read through Dana Loesch’s timeline and watch as the so-called party of tolerance attacks everything about her, including her kids.

Seems now though that the theme of her timeline is the same gun-grabbers insisting NO ONE has been calling NRA members terrorists.

That’s cute.

Take a seat, haters.

They’ve also gone from saying ‘assault weapon,’ to calling guns ‘weapons of war,’ so they can ban more of them.

We see you, Democrats.

Yikes! That’s a WHOLE lotta stupid in one screenshot.

The amount of abuse Dana has taken since Florida would break a smaller person, and yet here stands firm, protecting our civil rights.

Pretty damn disgusting, yup.

Oh, they probably do; don’t forget how much they hate cops. See Kaepernick’s socks.

Hey, at least they’re consistent.


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