Joy Reid apparently knows every parent in Florida because she seems awfully certain she knows how they all feel about teachers being armed. Please note, the Florida bill does not force teachers to carry (the Left has been pretending that poor teachers are being FORCED BY EVIL REPUBLICANS to carry guns), it just allows for teachers who are interested in learning or who may already carry legally to be armed.

That’s it.

And maybe Joy missed it, but there are several states that have been doing this for years, and no, there aren’t a bunch of lawsuits in these states.

Any tweet from Reid that starts out with, ‘By the way,’ is likely to contain a serious hot dumpster of stupid, and this tweet didn’t disappoint.

Gonna guess that most of the parents she knows are progressives and want ALL guns banned, so this isn’t exactly the ‘gotcha’ she was hoping for.

Sounds like it.


Double HA!

And we’re all SHOCKED.

If Joy couldn’t argue in bad faith she couldn’t argue.

Fair point.


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