The Oscars took place several days ago (and apparently 20% of their viewers from last year couldn’t have cared less), and SHAME on us for missing this EPIC tweet from The Onion on not only the awards ceremony itself but their adoring fans in the media:

This could well be one of our favorite tweets and stories, maybe ever.

From The Onion:

Gushing that yesterday’s Oscars had changed the face of Hollywood forever, hundreds of total fucking dumbasses whose very existence insults the name of journalism reported Monday that “diversity was the real winner last night.” “On a night traditionally filled with glitz and glam, it was race and gender equality that finally had their moment in the Oscars spotlight,” wrote countless slathering dipshits, who, by publishing surface-level puff pieces claiming that “new voices had triumphed on the biggest stage in Tinseltown,” upended the very foundation on which journalism was based.

And sorry Hollywood and the media, when you’re losing The Onion? It might be time for some serious self-reflection.

That’s the beauty of it.

Lot’s of competition out there these days.

They’re as believable (if not more so) than CNN, right?

Startling and yet AWESOME.

And curtain.


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