The satirical Babylon Bee has done it again, this time with a perfect article on Oscars host and #MeToo lecturer Jimmy Kimmel, the professional misogynist responsible for “The Man Show” which featured, among other things, women called “juggies” who would jump up and down on a trampoline at the end of each show.

The Bee’s headline: Man Who Got Famous Showing Scantily Clad Women Bouncing On Trampolines Lectures Nation On Sexual Propriety.

And the opener:

LOS ANGELES, CA—Comedian and political activist Jimmy Kimmel, who rose to fame in the early 2000s with a show that aired footage of scantily clad women bouncing on trampolines, spent his Sunday evening lecturing Americans on sexual propriety while hosting the Oscars, sources confirmed.

“Women have to deal with harassment all the time, everywhere they go,” said the host, whose hit “Man Show” famously featured half-dressed models referred to as “juggies.”

Kimmel went on to chide Hollywood for being “clueless about women” while offering support for recent movements like “Me Too,” “Time’s Up,” and “Never Again,” apparently forgetting about his skits such as “Juggy talent show” and “Get to know your juggies” which featured heavy handed, vulgar objectification of women carried out in front of a crazed, drunken, slobbering male audience.

Nailed it!

How did this guy become the conscious of the nation?


As for the anti-Trump Oscars, they were a ratings disaster:

It’s almost as if we live in a Republican-dominated country or something.