All day today we have watched the #InternationalWomensDay tag filled with progressives pretending they own the messaging, ideals and goals of women in general.

Yeah, it’s been pretty annoying and weak, but you know how it goes with these nifty holidays making women feel SPECIAL.

In the backs of our minds, we thought Dana Loesch MIGHT bring down some thunder on that hashtag, and we were RIGHT.

Oh, look, she’s wishing Twitter a Happy International Women’s Day.

She’s such a trooper … but wait, what tweet is she featuring other than hers?

Surely it’s some inspiring quote or something about how valuable and important women are.


Guess not.

Because nothing says Happy International Women’s Day like calling a wife and a mom a whore.

Way to go, progressives. You are officially grosser than we even thought possible.

Sad but true.

We can’t help but notice the people who want to take our guns away are some of the most hateful and violent people we come across. Which of course, makes us want to hold on to our guns even more.



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