Today is International Women’s Day which means that we’re supposed to spend the day celebrating women and what makes them rad here and around the world.

We think.

It’s hard to tell when there are so many of these political identity holidays out there; personally, we’re looking forward to the International Filipino Tilt-O-Whirl Operators Day, that will be LIT.

And as expected, the majority of women being celebrated on the tag are of the Leftist persuasion, while Conservative women like Dana Loesch are spending the day getting harassed and insulted by people who disagree with them. Luckily, Ben Shapiro took it upon himself to share some amazing Conservative women and tag #InternationalWomensDay …


Haley/Rice 2024.

The thread included other amazing women making a difference without wearing a pink vagina hat:

She’s so amazing.

True story.


Full transparency, this editor just really adores Madea and we’re not sure if she’s a Conservative or not … and ultimately she’s a man but still.

Moving on.

Awwww yes, the Left’s favorite Conservative woman.

Their favorite to hate that is.


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