It’s International Women’s Day! Yippee! Because nothing says women are equal like making special holidays to celebrate them.

Special is never equal, but we digress.

On that note, if you’re somehow worried that men will be ‘annoying’ today, maybe DON’T tweet something that encourages them to be annoying in the first place.

Oh, Eve. Imagine the hissy fit she would throw if a man wrote, ‘WOMEN, please don’t be annoying today. I’m begging you.’ She had to know her tweet would inspire a whole lot of pushback … maybe that’s what she wanted.

And there are 57 of them, yes?

So is she saying it’s ok for some men to be annoying today if they identify as angry women? Maybe leprechauns and unicorns?

We can’t keep up with these SJW constructs.

These people are so easy.

Ok, now we’re annoyed.


We’re going to guess men who have a vagina probably are exempted from her plea … then again, that just makes those men women but we don’t want to annoy her.


Not like this.

Nag nag nag.


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