Bari Weiss is a fresh and welcome voice at the New York Times, who has been known not to follow in the traditional progressive blathering of the publication by offering her own, very unique and independent perspective.

Take for example the piece she shared recently:

From The New York Times:

When such a person steps foot on a college campus these days, you know what’s coming. So it was on Monday at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Ore., where Ms. Sommers had been invited by the Federalist Society to give a talk about feminism.

In advance of the lecture, nine student groups, among them the Portland National Lawyers Guild, the Minority Law Student Association, the Women’s Law Caucus, the Jewish Law Society and the school’s Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter sent a letter protesting the appearance by this “known fascist.”

She continued:

Yes, these future lawyers believe that free speech is acceptable only when it doesn’t offend them. Which is to say, they don’t believe in it at all.

Her entire column is DEFINITELY worth a read, just sayin’.

The piece seems to have ‘upset’ our favorite cat hoarder, Amanda Marcotte:

Remember, if anyone disagrees with Marcotte’s ridiculous feminist doctrine they’re Nazis and stuff.

*eye roll*

We’re not entirely sure she ever really did try to hide it, but that’s a fair observation. Her timeline reads like the crazy cat lady from ‘The Simpsons’ wrote it (woohoo, two cat references in one piece!).

Well duh.

What’s even funnier is that anyone disagreeing with Marcotte’s assumption that Weiss is alt-right is that she’s calling them alt-right. Because ya’ know, Stephen Miller is a YUGE alt-right hero.

Really lady?

Correcting Marcotte is not whining, but whatevs.

It’s not pearl-clutching to defend someone who is either a friend or just in your circle from targeted, pointless attacks.


Yes. You all are.


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