Nothing brings out the compassion of those on the Left like the news that Donald Trump Jr. and his wife are getting a divorce … HA HA HA! We are so kidding. We haven’t seen the Left this happy since that reporter threw a shoe at W.

It’s actually pretty disgusting, so bad in fact that even Chelsea Clinton asked for the ‘masses’ to leave Trump’s grandkids out of their attacks and ‘hot takes.’

S.E. Cupp perhaps said it best though:

Only the media could take joy in something so joyless.


What the Hell does this have to do with Trump Jr. getting divorced?

Wow, it takes a special sort of hateful and dumb to make this sort of jump.

Waiting for someone to claim that since these kids have Trump’s DNA that somehow makes them fair game.

Again, missing the point.

They’re so desperate to hate anyone or anything with the name Trump on it they can’t see the very simple message Cupp is putting out there. Divorce is never easy on a family, especially not on the kiddos, and being in the spotlight like the Trump family is can only make it more difficult.

Is it too much to ask them to act like the adults in the room?

We’re going to guess it is.


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