Even if you’re not a Marco Rubio fan, this footage of CNN’s Alisyn Camerota deliberately misleading her viewers about Rubio’s work on and support of the #StopSchoolViolenceAct will disgust you.

We have rarely seen such a blatant and brazen attempt to smear a policymaker, even coming from CNN:

Maybe she missed it (but probably not), but Rubio has been working for weeks on this particular piece of legislation. And for Alisyn to pretend he’s more worried about Daylight Savings Time is just an underhanded and ugly attempt to trash the GOP.

Shameless isn’t strong enough for her behavior.

Pretty gross.

Now now, we all know Senators can only work on one issue or bill at a time.

*eye roll*

Of course not, he’s all about taking credit for things.


Then again, it’s CNN. Is anyone really all that surprised?


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