It appears the majority of gun owners are uneducated white guys who think black people are going to launch a ‘sneak attack’ on white people.

Or at least that’s what The Root would have us believe:

*so much facepalm*

From The Root:

In a clear case of reverse racism, an obscure, little-known discipline called “science” has revealed that the vast majority of gun owners are uneducated white males who think black people are preparing to launch a sneak attack against the Caucasians any day now.

A new article in Scientific American by Jeremy Adam Smith (Yes, “American” is right there in the name, and the article’s by a white guy! That can’t be right.) examined a variety of studies on gun ownership, including a 2017 study by sociologists at Baylor University. Titled “Gun Culture in Action,” the researchers created a “gun-empowerment scale to study the habits and create a profile of the average gun owner.

Can’t. Even. Make. This. Up.

Somewhere Alex Jones is hulking out right now.

Rootin’ tootin’!

Interesting, this editor is a gun owner and is FEMALE … never heard this either.

Maybe they’re trying to impress Shannon Watts?

It’s early yet, but this is definitely a contender.


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