Shannon Watts is throwing a temper tantrum on her timeline about a Twitchy story that Dana Loesch shared earlier today. We know, she throws lots of hissy fits and it can be tough to figure out what she’s complaining about at any given time, but we couldn’t help but notice our name in her griping.

Interesting that Shannon Watts saw this because we thought she had Dana Loesch blocked?

That she still managed to see Dana’s tweet tells us she’s stalking her timeline, behind a block. That’s just sorta creepy and weird, don’t you think?

Isn’t that a great picture of Shannon? Honestly, that’s probably what made her mad, well that and she’s oddly fixated on trolling Dana behind a block. But seems this time Shannon wasn’t just upset with Dana, but with Twitchy as well.

We’re not a news outlet because she didn’t like our story – that’s hilarious. No really, we’re crying on the inside.



But she CARES!

Man, Shannon Watts is the gift that keeps on giving.

True story.

Editor’s note: Full transparency, knowing that something one of our lovely editors wrote upset Shannon makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Thanks for that, Shannon. :D


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