If you were with us Monday night, you’ll probably remember the really shameless exchange between Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts and unpaid Instant Pot spokesmodel Bethany Mandel, who had published an op-ed about why she, as a mom, felt the need to purchase a gun.

See, Watts didn’t like Mandel not acknowledging her “white privilege.” Mandel offered up some details of her childhood — um, “hardscrabble background” — leading Watts to tweet the worst tweet ever, perhaps?

Erick Erickson weighed in Wednesday night:

Wait … Watts had to block Mandel because she was getting so many online threats via Erick Erickson? How does that work?

We’re certain Erickson will be blocked by the time this post is published, but he’s got a point.

And yes, Mandel is blocked. You’re probably blocked too and don’t know it yet.