We’re still waiting for the storyline where Trump breaks wind during a meeting and the press finds a way to blame Russia for that too.

Hey, you think we’re joking but it could (and probably) will happen.

Can see the headline now … ‘Trump passes mysterious Russian gas claims it was the DRESSING!’

They need to make up their mind on Tillerson, was he too easy on Russia or too hard on them?

Is this like he was for it before he was against it?


Wait, isn’t that basically what Tracey said?

Such a great mind.



OR maybe Laurence is the real Putin puppet and he’s trying to draw attention away from himself so we keep blaming Trump?! HEY, IT COULD HAPPEN.

Makes about as much sense as Tillerson being a Putin puppet.

Wow, that’s impressive.

And ouch.

Just keep your hands away from his mouth during mealtimes.

That’s JUST what a Russian puppet would say!


Ugh, this is exhausting. How do these conspiracy theorists not tire of their own BS?

Hey, that’s our line.


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