The amount of comparisons being made to the Holocaust to justify progressive agenda items online and in the media is shameful.


Somehow, someway, the Left keeps finding ways to exploit one of the evilest, vilest events in human history to compare their hot issue of the day to it … and it’s just gross. One of the ugliest tactics right now is comparing the men and women of ICE who are doing their JOBS to the behavior of the Nazis, like this pathetic take from CNN:

Undocumented immigrant.


From CNN:

“I grew up in the time where the Holocaust was not so far behind me,” says the woman. “There was always that awareness, as a Jew, that it’s possible to be kicked out of a country where people thought they were home. And many of those people didn’t make it.”

She says there is a strong feeling in the Jewish community. “We cannot let this happen. It’s our responsibility. What was done to us cannot happen to other people.”

So she took up the “service opportunity” and met a mother and her girls.

Jewish people weren’t just getting ‘kicked out’ of a country though.


Wait, it’s CNN, never mind. It’s believable.

Oddly enough, Obama’s record-breaking deportations aren’t getting a whole lot of coverage these days.





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