HuffPost Deputy Opinion Editor Chloe Angyal (pronounced ‘angel’) wants everyone to know the color and sex of all of their writers over the past two months because apparently, THAT’S what is important about them, and not what they may have written.

Month 84 of Twitchy and we have no idea of these so-called percentages of the maniacs we ‘aggregated’ in our stories because we choose tweets based on content, not on the color or sex of the person who wrote them.

How novel, right?

Imagine if another publication said their goal was to make sure their writers were less than 50% black, or Asian, or women, or Filipino Tilt-O-Whirl Operators. HORRIBLE. This is what you call discrimination, and the fact that Angyal thinks they have bragging rights for this is sadly all too telling when it comes to our media these days.

How offensive to female writers and/or writers of color for HuffPost to pretend that’s the main reason they used their material. And they’re patting themselves on the back for doing it.

Progressive even.

Their goal should be featuring content from good writers.

This isn’t difficult.

Probably not.


Karl even said please.

We can neither confirm nor deny if this is true, but YIKES if so.

The horror.

Won’t somebody please THINK ABOUT THE TOASTER OVENS!?


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