Pro-aborts are foul.

And that’s putting it nicely.

It’s hard to come up with accurate words to describe how disgusting and dark someone’s soul must be to not only perform a procedure where an innocent life is taken but to brag about it in gory details like Leah Torres did earlier this week.

A tweet where she explained how a fetus can’t scream when she slaughters them because she basically cuts their heads off first. She said it in a far more technical manner but transecting the cord doesn’t mean she paints their fingernails. Sounds like her ‘friend’ convinced her to take the post down, but as we all know, tweets are forever.


That’s adorable.

Because bragging about slicing into ANY innocent, living creature is progressive.


Oops, seems there’s no escaping the original tweet, Leah.

Giving details about how you slice the throat of an unborn fetus is civilized?

This woman.

Something like that.

Oops, there it is again, Leah.

Again! Oh, and good point. Even pro-choice folks were calling Leah out, which is probably the real reason she pulled the tweet.

That would be a good start.

No argument here.


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