Yesterday, teenagers skipped school because someone told them it would be cool.

No, wait.

What’s the talking point again? Oh, yeah … how about this?

“America’s youth FOUGHT BACK against the menacing gun lobby yesterday and said NO MORE in nationwide school walkout.”

HA! Wow, that was super easy to write. No wonder.

Anywho, Fox News interviewed Ben Shapiro about the walkout:

They are using these kids to push an agenda because they know anyone who calls out their talking points or attempts to debate them will be accused of being unkind to children. All the while they’re the ones actually being unkind by using these kids in the first place and robbing them of a time when they should be healing …

But we don’t expect the Left to understand or own that.


Andy was blinded by his ideology years ago.


We’d ask what’s the matter with Andy Richter but we’re pretty sure we already know.

*stop eating paint chips, Andy*

More winners from his timeline:

Calling people who understand firearms fetishists and accusing them of masturbating to guns warrants a follow.

Classy, Andy.

Then maybe stop setting them up to be sitting ducks by declaring schools a gun-free zone? Arm and train teachers? Add security. Stop pretending the problem is with legal, law-abiding gun owners and get real about solutions.

Wait, our bad, Andy’s not interested in solutions, he’s just interested in talking smack about the Right.

Never mind.


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