Like other Conservative/Libertarian women online, Mary Katharine Ham deals with her fair share of nasty trolls looking to take a swipe or two (or ten) at her appearance simply because they disagree with her political views.

This back-and-forth with a troll attacking her teeth, however, turned out very differently than you’d expect.

Started here:

Everyone’s a critic, man.

What, your teeth don’t move? Our teeth dance the jitterbug and stuff … true story.

Gold star for the Python reference.

We’re not sure they’re supposed to move like THAT.

And just a few brilliantly funny tweets later …

What do you know? Usually, trolls who come in making nasty about someone’s appearance double down, say something grosser, get angry and block or even make a threat.

But not this one.


It’s like Mary Katharine Ham has an anti-troll superpower.

Teach us!


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