A video of Internet Troll (is that a title?) Baked Alaska interacting with CNN’s Jim Acosta is making its way around social media. Perhaps the funniest part of this video is Jim’s own behavior and how it changes from a condescending journo who thinks Baked Alaska is a fan to an angry journo who has just found out he’s not.


Shortly after, Ashton Kutcher jumped out of the bushes and told Jim he’d been PUNKED.

Ok, not really, but that would have been even funnier.

From The Daily Caller:

Internet troll Baked Alaska caught up with Jim Acosta toward the tail end of a Donald Trump rally in Los Angeles on Wednesday and called CNN’s chief White House correspondent “fake news.”

The Trump supporter, who most recently made headlines for probably lying about getting blinded ahead of the Charlottesville rally, approached Acosta and struck up a friendly conversation, telling him “he’s a big fan.”

That’s the only reason Acosta spoke to him, he thought he was a fan.

And honestly, we almost feel sorry for Jim.



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