Sen. Chris Murphy spends a lot of time playing big and tough on Twitter, especially when it comes to gun control. If we had a nickel for every Murphy tweet that had lots and lots of words without really conveying a message … we’d have a lot of nickels.

For example:


Oh, wait, nope.

Enough talk. Enough plans. Alrighty then. But when exactly has the debate on gun control not been open in the Senate? All we’ve heard from Democrats in the last month is the need to stomp on Americans and their Second Amendment rights because that will somehow MAGICALLY stop all gun violence.

That seems pretty open (and annoying) to us.

Aww and then the plug for votes, always campaigning.



Pay attention, adults. Kyle put a senator in his place and didn’t say a single unkind or derogatory word. Just the facts, ma’am.

And it worked BEAUTIFULLY.

This is gonna be good.

Somebody has to.

He is indeed.

Seems the good senator could learn a thing or two from this young man, let’s hope he pays attention.


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