It certainly seems to be raining crap all over Jon Favreau today ever since he decided to take it upon himself to shame and ridicule Trump for comments he made about Maxine Waters at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday. Jon would have been better off just tweeting about the president being an immature boob for making those comments but OH NO, he had to go the route of racism …

And he has spent the entire day having his backside handed to him for how ridiculous this tweet really is. Not to mention he himself has made some questionable remarks and tweets in the past, ones that some people might even consider racist.

Like Frank Luntz.

BAM. BOOM. BAMMITY and other explosion noises.

Holy moly!

Earlier we reported on these same tweets but watching Luntz use Jon’s own tweets against him is priceless.

That and Jon got all bent out of shape:


It’s no more racist than Trump calling Maxine Waters stupid.

It goes both ways, Jon.


Ummm …

It’s ok when we do it!




We do we do!

Is there anything better than watching Obama lackeys get shut down with their own nonsense?



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