As Twitchy readers know, Jon Favreau was quite upset with President Trump calling Maxine Waters stupid at his rally over the weekend in Pennsylvania. He, in fact, claimed Trump’s comments about Waters makes him a racist.

Yeah, we know.

Don’t look at us like that, we just work here.

What, did he forget to say it’s sexist as well? Maybe he thought ‘racist’ would have more oomph, or it could have been going for the race and sex card was even too much for this Obama lackey. Who knows what he was thinking.

Interestingly enough, Jim Treacher shared a few tweets Mr. Favreau sent himself about Ben Carson … and well, by his own definition they are pretty damn RACIST.

See for yourself.

Carson has the best mushrooms?


Did he really say Carson looked incredibly stoned?! Imagine the fit he’d throw if Trump said something like that about Waters. Trump insulted her intelligence (the woman has been screeching about impeaching him for almost two years now), Jon literally attacked Ben’s person.

Which is at the end of the day, racist.


If we are to go by Jon’s example above, yup.


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