Jon Favreau seems to think that Trump calling Maxine Waters stupid makes him a racist. Which is interesting considering Trump has been making these sorts of comments about all sorts of legislators of all colors and sexes over the past two years, and he didn’t seem this upset then.

Full transparency, he might have been upset (you never know with Obama peeps), but c’mon already with this:

You know what might actually be racist? Pretending any sort of insult is racist based on someone’s skin color.

Just spitballin’.

She’s not the brightest crayon in the box.


And Ben Shapiro even had ‘video’ to prove it.

Oh, Maxine.

Seems Ben looking at the reality of Trump’s comments regarding Maxine Waters didn’t please a few others in the Twittersphere; keep in mind, we are dealing with delicate feelings with some of them. #BeGentle

Clearly. Sure.

WE even wrecked Gary Johnson … that was pretty damn funny.

Dude, Ben has been anything but a Trump apologist – maybe read his timeline before tweeting this? Ben didn’t say Trump wasn’t himself quite stupid, he just said the comments Trump made weren’t racist.

This ain’t rocket science.

Not at all.


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