Kamala Harris would like politicians to stop playing politics with our healthcare. Notice she doesn’t mention the GOP by name in her silly tweet, but we know exactly who she meant:

The GOP is undermining the ACA by allowing Americans to have more choice in their coverage. The nerve!

From the Wall Street Journal:

The administration also wants any ACA stabilization plan to allow for the renewal of short-term plans that don’t comply with the health law, so these plans can operate more like traditional insurance. And it wants to block funding from organizations that may have a role in abortion insurance coverage or procedures.

“Although congressional efforts to provide taxpayer money to prop up the exchanges is understandable, any such efforts must also provide relief to middle-class families harmed by the law and protect life,” according to a copy of the memo provided by a Capitol Hill staffer.

They want to protect life?!

Those monsters.

Which we knew it would.

The irony that the government HAD to play politics to get involved in the healthcare biz in the first place is likely lost on Kamala.

Like most things.

Stop playing politics with our lives, Kamala.

Dolt is a word you don’t hear often enough.

Fair but gnarly.

The Democrats’ plan to run on raising taxes and limiting our healthcare choices, all while protecting sanctuary cities and illegal immigrants for this year’s midterms seems to be a real WINNER.


We sincerely hope they run on all of this.


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