Earlier this week, CNN interviewed Caitlyn Jenner to discuss the hardships women face … because you know, Jenner has spent so long being a woman.

*eye roll*

Not to be snarky but yeah, Caitlyn was Bruce up until a few years ago, and CNN probably would have been better off interviewing ACTUAL women who can truly speak to the real issues women deal with daily.

Nothing says girl power like interviewing a rich white guy in a dress.


And it’s true.

Whether they’re picking on some guy for creating a Trump/CNN meme or interviewing a woman who used to be a man about women’s hardships, CNN definitely seems to be going out of its way to troll the country. And they wonder why we call them ‘fake news’.

But he’s down with the struggle and stuff!

We mean she.


This just got really confusing.

Even Oprah would have been better than Caitlyn; she might be a crazed Leftist but at least she’s always been a woman.

We think.


Ok, that would be epic.

Why not? CNN seems willing to cover almost anything.


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