International Women’s Day is a big deal on social media today (Twitter even gave the hashtag its own little icon, just like they did for #BlackLivesMatter).

CNN’s certainly into it, and posted a lengthy Twitter thread comprising interviews with “women around the world,” asking each one, “What single thing would you change to improve gender equality where you are?”

Throwing a bit of a curveball into the mix, CNN decided to include Caitlyn Jenner, who shared her thoughts on how girls are brought up.

It’s not a bad interview for being 18 seconds long, but a few wondered why Jenner made the cut. It seems CNN’s trying to avoid the backlash the Women’s March got for “excluding” transwomen with a lot of their binary gender language and female genitalia pussy hats.

Uh-oh CNN … you might have stepped in it with this one.


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