Having spent the last three weeks shrieking about gun control, seems Nancy Pelosi has gotten herself back on track to pandering to illegal immigrants. Guess she figured out midterms are closer than she realized and she needs those illegal votes …

Ever notice Dreamers are faceless yet heroic? Democrats would have us believe they’re all kids in high school who want to grow up, become doctors and cure cancer BUT we all know better. Sure, there are good Dreamers, but there are also bad ones.

And if we’re going to be picky, Nancy, A) they’re not really Americans yet and B) ALL Americans deserve to live with stability and without fear.


We felt this one all the way over here, Nancy.

What makes this even more brutal is that James is RIGHT; the Left set these young people up to fail by being too lazy to actually address immigration reform and instead allowing Obama to do this with an Executive Order.

Oh, yeah, that too.

Trump agreed to make some compromises and even said he’d work to make 1.8 MILLION Dreamers legal citizens over the next 12 years. Democrats turned that down because they don’t really care about these people, they care about campaigning on their backs.

If we solve the problem they can’t bitch about it anymore for votes.

But guns! Wait, this is a Dreamer thing … our bad.


They all sound the same after awhile.

Hey, we didn’t say it.



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