Now that Kyle Kashuv has FINALLY been verified by Twitter (took ’em long enough), he is making the rounds and reaching out to those who may disagree with him because unlike his classmates, his goal is not to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. Nope, his goal is to heal the divide and come up with real solutions …

Crazy talk!

Kyle even tried reaching out to Chelsea Clinton:

Is this kid mature or what?

Seriously, there are adults on Twitter who are not this well-spoken or well-intentioned.

OMG, did she really use this opportunity to promote her lame book? SHE DID.

Oh, Chelsea, like mother like daughter, eh?

She could have just said, ‘Hey, that’s a great idea! I’ll DM so we can figure out schedules and make this happen,’ or something along those lines. Instead, she not only mentioned her book, but she hashtagged it, so her adoring fans would see her reaching out to the young man who survived a school shooting looking to heal the divide.


We’re shocked she didn’t ask him if he’d read it yet.


Clintons definitely know how to use people.

Just ask Donna Brazile.


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