For nearly three weeks now, we’ve seen the media march out certain Parkland survivors to the WORLD so they can push to make a change after the tragedy they experienced. Many of these ‘kids,’ including David Hogg, were almost instantly verified by Twitter but oddly enough, another student whose opinions and ideas around how to deal with gun violence don’t mesh up with gun-control goes unverified.

Imagine that.

Guy Benson was actually able to interview this young man in person – meet Kyle Kashuv.

From TownHall:

In a nearby park, Kashuv, a 16-year-old junior, is matter-of-factly relaying his personal story from that horrible day, probably for the umpteenth time. He’d reached out to me through Twitter, expressing a willingness to talk about his experiences and the state of public debate over what happened inside his school a few weeks ago.  With his parents’ permission, I agreed to meet him.  He has a lot to say but can’t help but wonder aloud if many in the mainstream media have any interest in listening.  Some of his schoolmates have gained prominence as television mainstays in the aftermath of the killings, their opinions validated with verified social media statuses, amassing millions of followers in the process. Kashuv is just as much a Parkland survivor as now-familiar names like David Hogg and Cameron Kasky, yet his views have only garnered limited attention.

I ask him why he thinks that’s the case. “I don’t know,” he says, hesitantly. “Maybe because I don’t use inflammatory language.  I speak calmly and logically without much emotion. I don’t necessarily make the very best headline.”

Read the entire story HERE.

Seriously, go read it, it’s amazing.

Huh? We think he has this backward.

Sadly, too many reactions to Kyle in social media are not supportive or positive because of course, his message challenges the idea that somehow the NRA is to blame for what happened at his school.

He hasn’t offered any solutions, eh?


Oh, wait, he has:

But suppose if he’s not on Bill Maher getting his backside handed to him about the Second Amendment or dancing around on Ellen he’s not doing anything.


Who’da thunk it?


WOW: Bill Maher (yes, seriously) OWNS Parkland student claiming #2A ISN’T a right ‘Americans are born with’

Check PLEASE! Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv (who Twitter has YET to verify) OWNED Delta