As Twitchy readers know, Delta REALLY stepped in it this past week by basically discriminating against legal gun owners to appease the social media mob who likely can’t afford to fly on their airline ANYWAY. Plus it turns out only 13 NRA members had taken advantage of their benefit with Delta (we’re not even kidding), so basically, they made a HUGE mistake.

And the CEO of Delta tried desperately to cover his and his company’s arses:

Social media had a spectacular laugh at this man’s expense, but perhaps nobody hit Delta quite as hard as Kyle Kashuv. Never heard of Kyle? He’s a student and one of the survivors of the Florida shooting but the media hasn’t been treating him like a rockstar because he didn’t jump on the anti-gun bandwagon.

Twitter has yet to verify him, even though his fellow classmates like David Hogg magically had a blue check within days of the incident.

Kyle said it best:

Comedy gold INDEED.

These silly, posturing boycotts never work out well for these companies …

Oh yeah … millions lost in tax breaks.

Way to go, guys.

They really should know better.

Hey man, we warned them.

From the mouths of babes, eh Delta?


BACKPEDAL alert! Delta CEO’s attempt at #2A damage control is hilariously pitiful