Man. David Hogg really needs to go back to school. That or he needs better handlers because WOW, his timeline is a mess of teen angst, spelling errors, grammatical screw-ups and embarrassing quotes and facts that he clearly does NOT really understand.

Every day it’s a little more obvious that this kid is a puppet.

Take for example his use of this George Washington quote:

We get what he’s trying to do here, (and there are plenty of enablers on his tweet patting him on the back pretending like he is deep and meaningful), he’s saying that legislators who take money from lobbyists and special interests are not virtuous in a sideways dig at the NRA.

Because in his young, ignorant mind, the NRA is the only organization that has ever existed.

But unfortunately (for him), he’s misusing this quote, something he might have known if he actually went back to school:


Wait, you mean Washington wasn’t slamming the NRA?!


But wait, it gets better.


And yes, pretty much what we’ve come to expect from the young gun-grabber.

How long exactly until his 15 minutes of fame are up?


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