Dick’s Sporting Goods could be in a world of hurt after they decided to cave like lemmings to the social media mob and raise the minimum age to purchase a firearm in their stores to 21.

Imagine putting your company’s brand at risk to appease a bunch of people who likely don’t shop in your stores anyway. DERP.

It all started here:

These yahoos went above and beyond Enterprise, United and Delta (which is REALLY feeling the consequences of severing their relationship with the NRA), and they posted some sort of diatribe imploring lawmakers to pass gun control.

And then they posted this about how much support they’ve supposedly gotten:

Bless their hearts.

From USA Today:

A 20-year-old Oregon man has accused Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods of age-discrimination for refusing to sell him a rifle.

Tyler Watson filed Oregon county court lawsuits against the retailers on Monday, six days after they announced they would not sell guns to buyers under 21.The companies added the higher age restriction after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

Oregon law allows state residents to buy shotguns or rifles as of age 18. Federal law also allows people 18 and older to buy rifles or shotguns from licensed dealers.

Problem is that’s not the LAW, just their policy, and some are seeing their policy as discrimination.

Which could and is leading to lawsuits.


Guess the lesson here is, don’t be Dick’s.


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