Joe Scarborough needs to make up his mind. Then again, when your principles change sometimes hourly to appeal for clicks and taps it’s hard to keep track of what you said you supported before.

It’s sort of like lying in that when you tell the truth you don’t have to try and remember the lie you told.

Joe is very upset with the NRA’s latest spot telling the media and Hollywood that they are done putting up with the lies and abuse. Granted, the tone of the NRA is combative, but at this point, after spending nearly three weeks being blamed for a shooting (again) they had nothing to do with, it’s hard to blame them.

But Joe found a way:

Just two years back, Joe had a very different take on the NRA.

Gosh Joe, what changed?

Hey, at least they’re honest.

But guns!

When you stand for nothing, you fall for anything.

Words to live by for Joe.


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