You know, we wouldn’t mind gun-grabbers talking about guns and what we can do about gun safety so much if they actually understood a damn thing about guns. With arguments like this one from Seth Abramson, it’s no wonder so many gun rights activists spend most of their days rolling their eyes and shaking their heads at the arguments they see.

Look at this nonsense:

How about NO and HELL NO?

Now, to be fair, we think he’s joking.

Ok, we hope he’s joking.

But on the off chance he’s being serious, we’ve already heard this lame-ass argument about 100000000+ times and it’s still just as dumb as the first time we heard it. Seems Ben Shapiro agrees with us:


It’s really stupid.

This editor has lost count of the number of times she herself has pointed out how they only used paper and quills in 1791 so that would mean any modern-day communications made would not be protected by the first.

Which is why we REALLY hope he was just kidding.

Or even more honest is that our Founding Fathers KNEW what would happen if citizens could not defend themselves against an overreaching and tyrannical government. They’d seen it firsthand.

Not a whole lot of abortion taking place in 1791 … sounds fair.

True story!

See what we mean?

Not to mention the Broward County Sheriff’s Department.


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