Oh CNN, what a mess you’ve made of the shooting last week in Florida. In your haste to concern-troll the NRA and every legal, gun-owning person in AMERICA, you have managed to make an even bigger joke of yourselves than you already were.

And you wonder why Trump deemed you fake news nearly two years ago.

Congrats, you’ve earned the title.

Brian Stelter shared his latest piece where he’s complaining that the NRA is trying to ‘shift blame’ to the media …

Seems these media types don’t much like it when THEY get blamed for something they don’t think is their fault.


From CNNMoney (we’ll save you the click!)

“The media loves mass shootings” is the new NRA talking point.

It’s a sickening claim — but NRA national spokeswoman Dana Loesch stood by it during an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Friday.

“You’re wrong on every single level,” Camerota said, calling the NRA’s attacks against the media “malicious.”

One possible explanation for Loesch’s claim: She’s trying to portray the news media as an enemy at a time when many outlets are covering the aftermath of the Florida mass shooting. An emerging student-led effort to reduce gun deaths is dominating the news.


Or Loesch is sick and f’ing tired of the media vilifying her, the NRA and every legal GUN OWNER IN THIS COUNTRY.

This ain’t rocket science, Brian.

Oh, man, is there anything more delicious than watching when the Left starts eating their own.

But Oliver has a point, Brian has done exactly what the NRA has accused him of doing, capitalizing on a mass shooting.

Sorry, not sorry.

But they promised they don’t do that! Ask Donna Brazile.

NRA memberships are also up.

Be smarter … THAT is hilarious.


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