We know. The term, ‘triggered,’ is WAY overused these days and we are as guilty as any outlet for using it maybe too much but OMG, it’s the only word that adequately describes Alisyn Camerota’s behavior when she interviewed Dana Loesch on her show this morning.


Man, when Dana dropped the honesty mic on the media and called them out for how much they ‘love’ mass shootings, they seriously lost their minds. It sucks when you get blamed for something you have nothing to do with, eh media?

She’ll have to forgive us for not having much sympathy for her outrage …

Why does the NRA bear ANY responsibility for what happened in Florida or any shooting? It’s as if the media has decided to declare war on the NRA because they lost the battle against Trump.

Full transparency, we loved watching Alysin seethe while Dana was as cool as a cucumber.


Caleb Howe just dropped the mic on what was left of Alisyn’s ego.

Let’s be honest, the media doesn’t really have or want a solution, they want to play outraged, they want to play concern troll because that is what makes the reactive, overly emotional, weepy gun-grabbers tune in.

Poor dear, she did seem upset. Must be a CNN trait.

Of course, gun-grabbers and leftist harpies are calling her brave for ‘confronting’ the evil NRA, but most adults with actual brains in their heads know Dana just owned her, on her own show, in front of her own viewers.

And it was DELICIOUS.


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